A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

This game is a prototype for a chain puzzle game (that is link chains of symbols to get some effect) where you fight enemies that grow stronger every three encounter.

It lacks a lot of polish (no music, no cool effect or even any clarity as to how the combat system works in game, etc.) but allowed me to learn a fair bit so that's cool.


The game is played with the mouse, hold left click to select a symbol and drag over adjacent symbols to extend the chain. Release to trigger the chain.

After collecting five chains, the player and the mob will trade blows and if no winner is found, a new round will begin. The stats used are the following:

  • Power - increased by swords, this is the damage you will deal to your opponent at the end of the roud. Your power is reset after each round.
  • Armor - increasesd by shields. Damage done to you will first be taken by your armor. Your armor is reset after each battle.
  • Health - healed by hams. If you are fully healed, hams will increase your moral instead.
  • Moral - increased by creating long chains (10 symbols of more) or healing when full health. Your moral modifies the amount of stats you gain from the chains from -25% to +25% depending on its value. Moral is lost upon taking damages to your health and tend to stabilize towards 50 between each encounter.
  • Silver - your reserve of silver, increased by the silver balls, no use as of now.
  • Renown - your renown is increased by the red balls, no use as of now.

Also, the stats of every enemy can be found and modified in the Cultures.json file and new groups of enemies can be added to it.

PS: the main menu is a bit buggy after a run but it should not be too problematic.

PlatformsWindows, Linux
Average sessionA few minutes
LanguagesEnglish, French
AccessibilityOne button


Linux.zip 18 MB
Windows.zip 10 MB

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